About Korea Banking Institute  
Established in 1976, Korea Banking Institute is a non-profit educational organization exclusively devoted to the development of the Korean banking and financial services industry employees. It was founded by a consortium of eleven Korean domestic banks and the Bank of Korea, collectively referred to as "The Membership", and it has been expanded to 21 domestic banks and a non-bank financial institutions. KBI manages its operations on a yearly basis under the sponsorship of its members.

KBI is a leading organization in Korea that offers a variety of training programs covering a wide range of topics on banking and finance services. The curriculum is designed to put strong emphasis on case analysis and studies in addition to providing theoretical discussions.

To help "The Membership" cope with the rapidly changing financial market conditions, KBI provides practical knowledge to the trainees through extensive training programs and specialized seminars. Also KBI is constantly improving its courses and developing new ones.

More than seventy staff members are giving services and guidance to the trainees. As well, the faculty and instructors work closely with the administration staff to run well-organized training programs.

In high hopes to further promote the Korean banking and financial services industry, KBI endeavors to offer the highest standard of advanced education.